Thursday, 26 April 2012


its every make up lovers dream to find the perfect foundation for themselves and in my hunt to fulfill this dream i happened to stop by a MAC counter and figure out what all the hype about their foundations was!! i have to mention here that the MUA's at MAC counters are the most friendliest and helpful people in the make up industry and anyone who has shopped at MAC or even been there will agree with me!! they dont mind if you go around the store and check out the stuff and wish to try it on, very patient people! now here i have to mention that i hate the SA's at the THE BODY SHOP! always grumpy!!

MAC's SELECT SPF FOUNDATION was my very first purchase from MAC and ever since iv been a regular visitor, to check out their new collections and not necessarily to buy each time .

our water-based liquid foundation. combines medium coverage with SPF 15. provides a fresh, natural matte finish.layers up, lasts long, helps protect the skin all day. non-oily, available in 18 shades. best way to baby your skin.

i want to start of my opinion on this product by staying my skin type. back when i bought it, i was more oily to combination type. i have large pores on the apples of my cheeks and acne marks. i break out very easily. i wanted something that gives me a natural looking finish and hides my imperfections and doesnt break me out.. upon stating the above, the lovely MUA at MAC(sayanika- MAC counter, kormangala, bangalore) suggested this for me.

  • as stated by MAC, it gives a fresh looking, matte finish when topped with some sort of finishing powder, i use MAC's Mineralized skin finish in Natual Light.
  • it contains SPF which i figure alot of people look for in their foundation. i, however wear a sunblock underneath my foundation irrespective of SPF. 
  • its water-based which is good for oily beauties.
  • its nice and light and doesnt look cakey.
  • doesnt emphasis or clog my pores.
  • buildable.(sheer to medium)
  • stays on for 6-7 hours on a nornal day(26 to 30 degrees) before u need a touch up.
  • doesnt not melt alot on hot sunny days, i suggest you use blotting sheets on it in summers if u stay out in the sun.
  • available in 18 shades which keeps out options for all the ladies out there:).
  • evens out skin very nicely
  • dint break me out.
  • very blendable.

  • not great for hot and humid climates.
  • i have to use a concealer for my acne marks, this foundation does not hide them.
  • as much as i like products with SPF, i dislike the fact that light bounces of your face when you do flash photography and washes you off.
  • its pricey.. but its MAC:/??
  • you need to buy a separate pump with this, though i use a que tip to take out product!
I say this is a very nice foundation for those who dont have alot for problem areas and are looking for a daily wear, light weight foundation. the USP of this foundation is that it gives u a nice matte, natural finish!

PRICE- 1600INR for 30ml( the prices for cosmetics have increased since the budget change:(
              or $27

have you found your perfect match for foundation?? or are u still on the look out?


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    1. @ana- thanq ana:)!! love the look u'v worn in ur displat piccture!

  2. Nice review hun! I love MAC products, esp the MAC pro longwear and Studio fix are my go-to foundations for everyday use.

    1. @the beautifier- thanq sonali:)!! im going to be trying the studio fix soon!! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the review! And thank you for following me - followed back. :D
    I'd love to try MAC's foundations, but their Studio Sculpt broke me out really bad, so I'm kinda scared... lol.

    And I agree; MAC's MUAs are so friendly. :)
    To answer your blog question:
    I love Clinique's Even Better make-up. It's amaaazing. :) I'm still super curious about other MAC foundations though, I need to bite the bullet and try one, haha.

    1. @kerry:)-u shud try this foundation, even i break out like crazy!!!! but this has worked well for me:).. stay in touch!xoxo

  4. A very well written review ! Thumbs up! :)

    Your newest follower!

    1. @marib- hey:)!!!! u'v got a unique name:)! thanq so much for following hun! :)
      stay in touch! xoxo

      p.s- oh btw, have u managed to figure out ur favorite foundation?

  5. I haven't used Mac foundation yet.
    I am a new follower, I hope you can visit my blog too and follow if you like it.

  6. @demi- thanq for following:)x
    heading out to ur blog!!

  7. You have an award on my blog.

    1. @demi- yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! thanx hun:)!!! im so delighted!