Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey friends!

a BIG HUG  to all my followers! Happy New Year! 2014 seems to have flown past so quickly! new year is the time for new ambitions, new spirits and happiness to embrace everything tat comes along afresh.. im so excited for this yearand am waiting to see what it has in store for me..

posting pix of my new year look..

i later added some green glitter on to it to add that extra bit of glam.. so what make up did u wear to ur new year's ball?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mini UK haul!

i had the chance to get a few things from the UK and oh my god! the excitement of scrolling through the websites of superdrug and boots really gets to me! strangely enough i dint order too much of make up this time. its mostly hair care with one or two mae up items.. lately iv been obssessed with my hair since i got it coloured and im really into taking care of them all the more now. let me know if u would like to see a coloured hair care routine post!

all of these products have been reviewed so much that i had to try them!! i wonder what the rave about micellar waters was, i havent been able to try bioderma but the fact that garnier has come up with something as competitive is really impressive! waiting to try it out! also dry shampoo.. oh my good lord! how popular are these!! now i did try to search some in Indian brands but i dont think we have any here except for kerastase which i saw in a salon recently.. please leave in the comments below if i am missing something from the Indian market, I would want to try it!

whats been cookin'?

A bigggg hello to the world!.
Phew!! Signing in after the longest time, ap refreshing! Needed this!

I hope everyone has been doing good n keeping good health!.

I'm so ready to introduce my most priced possession in the world who has been keeping me busy for over a year!!

Meet ZAra, the happiness and light of our lifes! Been so busy with her guys but I'm back to blogging now n I'm back for good! I'm hoping for a lot of support since I'm a bit lost amidst mommyhood and managing my life!

i have been doing some ground work in the meanwhile though so u mught c a few back to back blogposts..

Mini UK haul and empties coming up next!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Small Haul- hair, skin & make up!

hello beautifuls!
iv been missing the last week because i wasnt keeping to well.. did some retail therapy and it sure did help!
i picked these on two different shopping trips.

 iv really been eyeing the biotique lightening eye cream for a while now, i saw this online but wasn't convinced to pick it up! couldn't resist myself when i saw this in the store the other day.

 the lakme eyeconic was a spontaneous purchase, i already have 3 new macaras to get through!
 i want to include a facial buffer in my skin routine and see if it makes a difference!
 and last but not the least!! the products that im most excited about! the revlon lip butter in 053 sorbet and the revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in 010 darling cherie!! im in love with both right now, maybe since they are new.. i haven't put them to test though.. this i going to be my final cosmetic purchase for this year atleast! iv promised my self that i wont buy anymore until iv finish a few products! so basically im on a project pan and ill be writing posts as and when i get through products! my goal is december since there is my deivery in between and i dont know how mych of stuff i'll be able to make time for post the baby. the project pan/ empties includes hair care, skin care and make up so im on a big no buy period now! i hope i can stick to my word since i'v planned big rewards for myself!

let me know if you would like me to review any of these products!

Friday, 7 June 2013



as promised i came up with deepika's girl next door look, she wears this initially in the movie and its so perfect for those who wear glasses, its just the right fresh faced look..

  • filled in my brows with MAC's concrete eyeshadow and an angled brush. concealed dark circles with MAC studio finish concealer in NC 20.primed my lid with MAC painterly painpot and used the pink shade from elf duo cream eyeshadow in sugar cookie

  • used pink venus from MAC all over my lid and used a blending brush to smooth any harsh edges. dint use anything in the crease of my lid, it looks like her eye make up has only one eye shade to it.

  • made a thick line with my lineron my upper lash line. added mascara on upper n lower lashes.

  • applied fake lashes and some more mascara to complete the eye look.

products used-

let me know what you guys think:)


painted my nails red for a date with my husband tonight <3!
its number 69 from elle 18 and i have 3 coats on, finding it a bit sheer!

what are your plans for tonight??!

BATTLE OF THE bb cream- GARNIER b.b cream miracle skin protector VS POND'S WHITE BEAUTY all in one BB+

hello girls!!
today i'm posting a comparison between the garnier bb cream and the pond's all-in-one BB+ fairness cream. firstly a bit about both the products.

the company claims that it is the first all in one BB+ cream with SPF 30 pa++ from pond's that works from inside and outside. this unique skin color matching fairness cream gives u a natural looking instant glow on the outside while working from the inside. its specially designed for indian skin.and helps give you
  • instant natural glow on the outside
  • lights your skin and spots from the inside
  • evens skin tone
  • with spf 30 for skin protection
  • no clogging pores
  • light, non- oily texture.

MY TAKE- honestly i dont really indulge myself in a fairness cream but yes i do love creams which come with a tint and this product was purely brought in by me for a review and comparison. but to my surprise i love it!!!!!! pond's has done such a great job with this one, hats off! from what the company claims, i feel its too the mark. i never find that my pores clog and so it dint break me out either. its got good coverage if u ask me, alomst light to medium when used with a bit of concealer on your problem areas. its light and wat stands apart is for me is it doesnt give you a grease look at all!! i have oily to combination skin and it works just fine in controlling the oil on my face all day with a compact touch up mayb once. i really hope Indian brands come up with more and more such products beacuse we are so drawn to other products from various brands due to the quality they impart. i can't wait for the day when Indian brands will make world class cosmetics and beauty gurus from all over will wish to swap their products for ours!
anyhoo!! thumbs up for  pond's white beauty all in one BB+.

PACKAGING- really cute and compact casing, it will definitely draw you to the product if you are a sucker for nice packaging like me.

The company claims that this all-in-one high performance skin care contains Vitamin C derivative known to have antioxidant properties. it helps to boost skin glow and brightness. enriched with mineral pigments, BB cream instantly beautifies your skin. it instantly spreads evenly for a flawless finish. it lets skin breathe. it is an 8H moisturizing formula with almond extract. its spf24 helps to protect skin from UV. It makes skin FAIRER, GLOWING, SMOOTH, EVEN TONED AND MOISTURISED.

MY TAKE- i had seen a lot of beauty gurus rave about this one on youtube and i picked it as soon as it hit the stores in India. it has a very light talcuum powderish scent to it which is pleasant. it again does almost everything the company claims except i don't know about the antioxident properties as it dint do much for me. nonetheless it does make you look fairer and gives a very dewy glow which is just right for summer time. i have a lot of blemishes on my skin so it doesnt do much for them, its very thin in consistency and glides on easily. this product is definitely for people with a more dry dkin type because the dewiness soon ends up looking greasy on oily skin. that would really be my only complain from this product, it should work from me in the winters though.

PACKAGING- it comes in a skintone packaging much like the product itself and its travel friendly!

I THINK BOTH THE PRODUCTS ARE GREAT, i really would be able to find alot of difference between them. i just feel that they both would suit people with different skin types and tones. the garnier one would be great for lighter, less pigmented and drier skin types and the pond's would do well for more wheatish ( NC 25 and above) and more oily skin types. since the pond's cream is thicker in consistency its great to lighten blemishes(temporarily)

POND'S- 69INR for 9gms and 125INR  for 18gms
GARNIER- 99 INR  for 18gms and 199INR for 28gms.

P.S- LOVING THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!