Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Hey Beauties:)!!!
summer is here and i hate it!! all i can think of i staying indoors and sipping on iced tea this season.. my skin has been unusually crazy, iv been breaking out as a result of my pregnancy and all i can think of is covering myself with lots of make up before stepping out of my door.. here i should mention of a product which has been of help in this phase.. the nivea PURE EFFECT TOTAL FACE CLEANUP now i have been using this a good 3 months before i write to you about it since im so particular about how face washes react to my skin type! i have very sensitive skin and its oily to combination so for the most part i can never just go out there, pick a face wash and like it for over a week! the first 3-4 washes in every face wash seem to make it feel good on my skin but maybe its just my excitement of using something new that makes me feel that way. but my experience with nivea pure effect has been different! 

product claims-

my take-
 the product is very grainy with a mild scent to it that doesn't linger for long. what i find best about this face wash is it doesn't dry my skin out.. i have a couple of dry patches which tend to be very irritable when i use products which are quite grainy but its not so in the case of nivea. it cleanses deep from within your skin and is great to get off make up especially if you  are in a habit of wearing medium to heavy foundation. if im staying at home, i usually tend to us the product once a day, in the morning that is, and at night i switch to my holy grail olay foaming cleanser which my aunt gets from the US everytime she comes! i oly use it sparingly because its tough to wait for its next shipment lol.. anyhoo! 
i think the fact that is of multiple uses is great, there are a lot of compaines coming out with such products. 
i mostly use it as a cleanser everyday and use it as a scrub when i have to remove my make up after a long day. it helps to unclog pores and softens blackheads to a fair extent. nd when you have a special date to attend its a good idea to use it as a face pack! u dont need to run around to find your other face packs, this works just fine! 5 minutes and your good to go!

 its simple packing and the lid stays on even when you go on trips and take it along. iv bought a larger size but there is a smaller one available too which is travel friendly.

final take-
 i think its a great product, i mean in all the years of trying numerous face washes there is one dependable one for me and i know im going back to this one again and again for a really long time.. i think everyone should try it!

150ml- 199 INR