Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mini UK haul!

i had the chance to get a few things from the UK and oh my god! the excitement of scrolling through the websites of superdrug and boots really gets to me! strangely enough i dint order too much of make up this time. its mostly hair care with one or two mae up items.. lately iv been obssessed with my hair since i got it coloured and im really into taking care of them all the more now. let me know if u would like to see a coloured hair care routine post!

all of these products have been reviewed so much that i had to try them!! i wonder what the rave about micellar waters was, i havent been able to try bioderma but the fact that garnier has come up with something as competitive is really impressive! waiting to try it out! also dry shampoo.. oh my good lord! how popular are these!! now i did try to search some in Indian brands but i dont think we have any here except for kerastase which i saw in a salon recently.. please leave in the comments below if i am missing something from the Indian market, I would want to try it!

whats been cookin'?

A bigggg hello to the world!.
Phew!! Signing in after the longest time, ap refreshing! Needed this!

I hope everyone has been doing good n keeping good health!.

I'm so ready to introduce my most priced possession in the world who has been keeping me busy for over a year!!

Meet ZAra, the happiness and light of our lifes! Been so busy with her guys but I'm back to blogging now n I'm back for good! I'm hoping for a lot of support since I'm a bit lost amidst mommyhood and managing my life!

i have been doing some ground work in the meanwhile though so u mught c a few back to back blogposts..

Mini UK haul and empties coming up next!