Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bliss Covered India- March Edition!

Ok, so Im probably the last person to put up this review, but what the hell:P?!
iv been away for the longest time people, not my fault enitrely! lots of things came up and blah blah! but any how, im back now, and im back for good:)..

iv always been extremely tempted upon seeing these super nice luxury brand samples sent in super pretty boxes  
to people all over the world.. there are tons of the out there, glossybox in UK, birchbox in the USA and the likes.. when i stumbled upon a review of a certain "Blisscovered Box", i was THRILLED!!!! i literally jumped up and down and i remember placing the order without giving much thought..(glad i did it)

so what is Blisscovered??
its a website which puts together 4-5 luxury brand samples in a lovely box and sends them over to ur doorstep and the best part is u wont exaxtly know when it is going to get delivered to u! now it may sound stupid but they actually leave u a mail about a week before they send it and its like a suprise present because u r unaware of the exact time when its coming! also they add a great personal touch to it by actually asking your preferences for products and how your skin type is and all these little details to make the box suit you. this happens when u sign up for it on their website

These are the products from their March Box!

the pretty lavender box:)

its contents all wrapped up in lovely violet crape paper
1.Lancome Genifique Youth Activator
2. Forest Essentials Neem & Saffron facewash(loving it)
3.H20 Spa Sea Salt Hydarting Body Butter
              4.Chambor Eye & Lip make up remover
               5. Calvein Klein Shock Perfume sample

Price-Rs.700 for one box.

My take on it-
the stuff is nice, though id like some more make up! also i was looking out for mostly international brands because chambor is easily in my reach. but that could be because they are only starting out!
overall, its been a nice experience with them, the service has been prompt and things came neatly packed.

Will i purchase it again? yes, but id alternate it every month!


  1. OMG! Mere box ka toh judwaa hai yeh..shaz :P :P
    Except chambor make up remover baaki sab is same to same :P :P

    1. :D kumb ke mele mein kho gae shayad hum dono k boxes!!! i really think Blisscovered shud buckle up, init??

  2. Hi Shazia
    I'm happy for your blog dear and wish to be successful here. Of course I'll follow you.

    1. thanx rakshanda:)! thats very kind of u!!
      i was actually reading the many interesting reviews on ur blog, loving it!!!!!