Monday, 11 July 2011

Garnier Anti Dark Circle Eye Roll-On

Everyone has a certain striking feature on their face.. be it their eyes, nose or smile.. strangely in my case it is my horrendous dark circles!!!! now im not terribly sure as to when they really aggravated but i dont remember the last time i saw my face without them.. i have tried a few bits and bobs from random companies to get rid of them but in vain.. about 2 days back i bumped into what i was looking at trying for a while now. i came across this product on  a certain youtube beauty gurus channel and really wished for it to hit the Indian market! well so now that it here, lets c what the company claim.. oh n by the way, im sure u know what iv been trying to review:)

Garnier introduces LIGHT ANTI-DARK CIRCLES EYE ROLL-ON ,its first refreshing roll on with dual anti dark circle action.. its a 2 in 1 tinted product. concentrated in mineral pigments, it covers dark circles in a flash. soft natural looking finish, long lasting wear.enriched with CAFFEINE and PURE LEMON ESSENCE known for its brightening properties, it combines a hydrating formula and the draining effect of a massage to effectively reduce dark circles and reveal a radiant and fresh look.

this product is love for someone like me!!! considering how dark my under eye circles are, i really am very conscious of going out without dabbing atleast a bit of compact! this product seems like an answer to my prayers.. if i cant get rid of them atleast i can hide them:P! the texture of the product is liquid like which makes it very blendable.. its an absolute everyday use concealer cum dark circle curer! the stick has a small metal ball kind of a roller which is really relaxing when rubbed under the eye area.. now having said that i think is best not to take the liberty and go on rubbing it because quite a lot of product oozes out! i'd say that it gives a medium to full coverage depending on how serious is ur dark circle.. i find it best when set with a mineral powder foundation or any sort of finishing powder! 
the packaging is neat and for me its a must have product in ur handbag to reach for touch-ups!

i picked out the one in fair skin tone which i feel is a lil' bit light for me but i wont complain.. they also manufacture it in a medium skin tone! 

i havent tried the product for long enough to comment on whether it helps to reduce the dark circles but as iv told already im happy it hides them:)! one must learn to be content:P

199 INR

its a great product and must try for anyone who suffers with dark circles.. honestly speaking, i changes the way ur eyes look:)!
until next time... toodles:)

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Guys tell me one thing , is there anyone in this world who doesn't love getting gifts , well I just love getting gifts , being 23 hasn't changed that one craze in me at all ;) ... Todays review is about a product which is no doubt  one of the best invention from Revlon, it's a mineral foundation, called Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup... My aunt got it from UK for me ;) now I love her more for that magical wonder :) ... so here goes the review on my make up magic wand ;)

What Revlon Claims: Mineral Makeup delivers a burst of hydrating coconut water and an instant cooling sensation upon application. As a result your skin looks luminous and its texture smoother. With a shine-free formula that’s made with water, not oil, this lightweight powder gives you a fresh, flawless finish that lasts all day. Fragrance free and non-irritating.

My thoughts are the same , in fact I would say its the best mineral make up we have so far... Blends with the skin so naturally that i doubt any1 will find the we'r wearing any foundation... The first touch feels a little wet got no clues how, however I guess it is to spread evenly and for longer stay... I'm using the shade light medium... I use only my select cover-up concealer beneath it after moisturizing my face... The only thing I find as a catch is don't get it in India :( ... I would give 10 / 10 for this product :) ... Hey however the good news is you can order it on line from Online Pharmacy & the link to it is

Here's the tip on how to use it ..

•Apply to cleansed skin after your daily moisturizer.
 •Swirl brush into powder and tap off excess.
•Blend powder evenly all over face in short, sweeping strokes.
•After use, close lid tightly.

Price: INR 667.08 + shipping charges 
         US $ 13.99


What MAC Claims: Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, 
or on its own. Don't reveal it, conceal it..

My Views: Once again this product is the most important thing in my kit, as I have horrible dark circles around my eyes.. Select cover-up works miracle in hiding my dark circles .. It blends best with a fluffy blending brush , i mean for me it definitely does.. All i do is after moisturizing my face with MAC Moisturizer the next step i go for is to conceal my dark circles n definitely other areas of concerns.. Then MAC foundation... I'm an Indian & i have a wheatish skin-tone i use shade NC 44.. I never step out of my house without it ... :)

Pros: Guess what it not only works as a concealer however, also as an eye primer cool isn't it... We can also apply it on the corner of our nose to make it look narrow ;) ... A life saver i would say :) ....

Cons: Oh the only thing i hate about it is that if the amount isn't correct it gives a scary look :( & even if its not blended correctly... So don't let this silly catch stop you from owning such a wonderful product, use it with right technique , right brush & the correct quantity... :)

Overall: I am in love with my select cover-up concealer, I might have a nervous break down if I ever lose it ;) 

         Price: INR 1000 for 10 ml 
                  US $ 16.50


What MAC claims: A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant.

My Views: Its the best foundation i ever had in my life... It really blends well on your skin, gives a natural coverage not the cakey effect.. Best to apply it with a stipple brush.. You need very little quantity to cover the whole of your face & neck... Its best for day time.. It provides me with a flawless skin look... I don think i could survive any outing without it...

Pros: Its a blessing in disguise for people who sweat a lot , cz it doesn't wear out easily... Gives a perfect flawless skin look.. Can be used for day & night time functions.. 

Cons: The only problem i face is that when i get sweaty my moisturizer & foundation combined works as a greasy winter cream & to avoid that i have to use the MAC beauty powder as touch up... & of course its a little expensive product.. 

Overall: A very good natural finish foundation... 
Price: INR 1700 for 40 ml 
         US $ 29.50 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bourjois sweet kiss lipstick review- shade 45 orange apprete

Summer has come and almost ended where i live.. it has taken me the longest time to find the perfect coral lipstick to match my skin tone.. im a MAC NC 20 btw!

 yesterday while shopping in westside at a local mall, i bumped into a bourjois counter.. i love the way the display their lipsticks!! they have like a plastic dummy of the colors and the colors of the actually lipstick as very similar to those of the dummies! shade 45 was the very first color i saw and i dont think have been more sure of anything in my life:D!

I think it looks really lovely and sassy! its purple translucent cap with a silver case! now having said that i dont think that it will really stay on cuz the cap seems a bit lose..

Its a nice formula for a lipstick, moisturizing and also the color goes on pretty well.. something on the similar lines of Revlon id say.. its not terribly long lasting! great for day time.. i love wearing it topped up with maybelline's watershine lipgloss in coral sunset.. they are an absolute match made in heaven! iv swatched the lipstick below and as u can probably c its nice and creamy and gives a frosty finish when applied on the lips.

at 650 INR, i find it to be pricey.. revlon colorburst on sale would cost me much lesser than this though i dont regret buying this considering i was looking to buy MAC, which wud have really burned a hole in my pocket! the colors in the range are worth a look!