Thursday, 13 December 2012

Orris Nail Polish Rremover Pads

Hello my beauties:)!!
long time, no see!! iv been gone forever now, 6 months perhaps.. the reason being, I GOT HITCHED :D!
i had a fairytale wedding with all things beautiful and now its me back to being myself and doing my own thing!

im sure everyone has experienced chipped nails just before an event and frowned and cribbed about it! and i just find carrying a nailpolish remover solution and cotton pads around all the time to be a hassle.. ladies! time a put an end to it! i found this amazing product which iv been raving about to everyone. i stumbled upon the Orris Nail Polish Remover pads in a health and glow store, they have them stacked near the billing counter and im sucha sucker for adding on things after being billed!

i got my remover pads in vanilla scent. it comes in a cute little travel friendly pack. that's a brand new box you are seeing but unfortunately it doesn't come sealed so im not sure if i got all 30 pads as mentioned on the box.

the consistency of the pads is oily so it makes sure all the nail polish comes off completely.. i got rid of my red color nail paint without alot of effort. u could do 3-4 nails with one.

to me, the mild scent of the product doesnt do much, i'd say its definately better than the horrible stench of normal nail color removers!

the cons to this would be none but the fact that it doesnt come sealed, you dont know how many others you would have to share it with before purchasing.

its a win-win product for me, great for on the go, must have in your purse!

PRICE- 60INR for 30 pads