Thursday, 23 May 2013

lilac love- eye look

Good evening ladies!
Posting a quick and effortless eye look for a quiet dinner.. I used a shimmery lilac color, ( its slightly outside the crease sorry, dint notice earlier though I had corrected it before walking out), a touch of winged liner and mascara.. simple yet elegant! Good night<3

P.S. its my lovely sister in law in the picture


Hello guys!

this time around Im way too embarrassed to say il be regular in my posts because i haven't been doing that at all.. health reasons being the issue.. but nonetheless, iv kept a whole of things in mind to share and review with you.
today Im going to do a post on a shampoo brand which iv been sticking to loyally for about 8months now. iv used three different shampoos from the same brand and as the name says it, its herbal essences by clairol.

firstly i want to describe my hair type- i have coloured, wavy hair, the ends r mostly dry for which i use banana banane conditioner by the body shop which is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! the scalp is oily, more so in summers cuz of the heat. i wash my hair everyday if im going out or every other day.

totally twisted and color me happy are the two shampoos im going to be talking about.
totally twisted

the totally twisted one comes with an amazing wild cherry twist which lingers in your hair all day,  i find that the usp of these shampoos is definately their scent, atleast thats what drew me to them. the shampoo is a light lilac color much like its casing, its creamy in consistency and lathers well. speaking about the creamy consistency, i find thats its great for people with who have a drier scalp, iv used this in summers and i dont advise it to anyone with a oily scalp because i find its a bit too moisturizing at the roots. so for those of you a drier scalp, its a great product, very moisturizing. for my ends, i always follow up with a conditioner so it does its work well.

these are the ingredients it comprises of.

color me happy

this one here was essentially for my colored hair, i found that it helped a lot in sustaining the color and texture of my hair when used with my conditioner. its a pink gel like consistency, very clarifying, it clears all the build up at the roots which is sucha great feeling for someone with a an oily scalp like mine.. its got a rosy smell to it which is divine! u can c i have gone through the whole bottle and its my second one! the con would be that it slightly dries the hair out so u have to follow up with a conditioner.

final take-
i like both the products, they are good value for money and dont cause issues such as hairfall.. il definitely repurchase thes in the future! looking to try their conditioner..

price- between 180-200INR for 300ml