Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mask Mania- himalaya herbals and everyuth naturals

happy friday ladies:)!!
finally there,s another weekend lined up for us to relax and rejuvenate! im off for a long weekend at my in laws with a whole lot of plans and things to do! but for those you who have decided on a quiet relaxing weekend all for themselves, i have a few tips to pamper yourself and get ready for the next week..

summer days are so stressful, more so for the skin! the sun, the pollution and the harsh sunscreens do more damage than we can imagine. and quite honestly, it takes you to be in your mid 20's to see all that your skin has gone through in your early 20's.. tanning in a instant noticeable damage but things like dark spots and lines appear with time.. now ofcourse you could have a spa appontment fortnightly or monthly and counter act these, a great way to push the damage to appear later is DIY remedies!

there are a large array of things available in the market to counter act the affects of skin damage but honestly a little care goes a long way in having healthy and glowing skin.

iv really been indulging in these lately and have found a great difference in the texture of my skin. 
  • apricot, walnut and neem scrub from himalaya- what do these do? there is build up of dead skin cells on our face which causes it to look dull and lifeless. scrubs have exfoliating properties which help to get rid of these dead cells and also to remove all the gunk from our pores which cud later lead to acne. its best to use scrubs 2-3 times a week depending on your lifestyle. an important thing to remember is to not rub the scrub too hard against ur skin because it may lead to redness and rashes. and avoid areas which have pimples on them.
  • mud pack from himalaya, everyuth golden peel off mask and cucumber mask- these face packs are usually great for aging skin as the firm the skin, makes pores appear smaller and make the appearances of fine lines lighter (temporarily). the mud mask is your typical fuller's earth (multani mithi)  face pack, its great for people with oily skin. my favorite is definately the cucumber mask, its so refreshing after a long, dusty day. you will usually have to have these on for 10-15 mintutes. instructions for use are printed behing all the sachets.

so this weekend when you decide on a lazy afternoon pedicure in your living room be sure to try one of these!

much love

p.s- watched yeh jawaani hai deewani today, feeling young and vibrant ;)- will come up with deepika's girl next door eye tutorial soon

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