Thursday, 24 May 2012


hello girls:)!!!
this is my first eyeshadow quad review for my blog. im a huge fan of them, its probably my second most favourite thing in make up after blush!
now there are not a large number of Loreal things that i own, just about 3-4 for now i think. i do have a single eyeshadow from them and am pretty impressed by how its pigmentation is in comparison with high-end brands.
Loreal Open Eyes Pro eyeshadow quad is professional eye make up revealed step by step. the new creamy formula is an extra smooth and adhering  texture with an expert selection of harmonious colors: your eyes are  sculpted and instantly wide open!

to start of with i want to apologize for the picture quality, i couldn't find my camera and these where taken on my phone.
the product comes in a medium sized, black plastic casing.  the small size enables u to slip it in ur bag and hence its very travel friendly. i have it in the shade 03 BEIGE HARMONY. i like eyeshadow quads in comparison with eyeshadow duos and trios since quads are more versatile.

the colours in this particular quad are very subtle, neutral and everyday type. they are mostly shimmery to satin finish eyeshadows but the golden shadow right on top is glittery and a bit flaky.

  •  i really like that these can be used wet as well. they give a smooth finish. they are not powdery. 
  • they have a good staying power, they stay on for about 4 hours without a primer and much longer with one on.
  • i did try these in a look with the instructions given behind the palette, it looks lovely!!
  • they are easy to blend
  • this particular quad is great for neutral lovers and office goers.
  • its my go to palette for a red hot lip! u can go subtle or smokey with this if u add a touch of well blended black liner.
  • its available in 7 more shades according to their website, i hope all of them are available at the store.

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im so happy i finally found a MAC dupe all by myself:P!!!
its a great dupe for MAC's GRAIN eyeshadow.. the MAC on is a bit more peachy but they are really really close.

the swathces!!!
(i think i swatched the last color with my lil' pinkie, thats why is not aligned with the other colors)

i'd say definitely invest in one of these palettes, they are great value for money. apart of me says 700INR is a bit much but i think for the quality its worth it!
u might want to pick these online for a better price:)

oh and a bit of randomness!!!!
im so happy i picked my first sling bag, i think they are such few options around where i live but im still hunting for more:) what do u guys think of this bright coral one?

and i love this temporary beetle tattoo my little cousin sister gave me.. 


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  3. Hi.....nice review Shazia. Loved the clutch or is it a sling bag??

  4. Looks like an awesome neutral palette! I passed the sunshine award to your blog! Check out my post for more info...

  5. Very nice review dear :) and i loved the pretty little red beetle tattoo.. do check out my blog :)

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  8. I like those eyeshadows. Nice and neutral colors, will have to try it.